Interview With A Husband

I wrote this post last week, and then before I could add pics, my computer died. So I waited for it to be fixed, but seeing as it’s still several weeks away, and all the people are playing along, I decided to publish anyway. Thank God for good iPhone apps to make pics look pretty…. 

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Let’s Talk About Encounters of the Personal Kind, Baby #IBOT

Warning: this post contains all kind of gender stereotypes. I’m sure everyone’s different, but for the purposes of this post, let’s just go with it. If, like me, you’re the sort of person who spends an inordinate amount of time on FB, you might have noticed an article doing the rounds, of a particular gentlemen… 

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What they all look like. (Not really, but in my head.)

‘Cause That’s What Writers Do #IBOT

Just over five years ago, I decided to start writing again. And when I say again, I mean, actually write for the first time,  something that wasn’t an essay for school. Although to be fair, I did have some fun doing that… Anyway, had I been a technologically switched on person, I most likely would… 

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Of Puppies and Ethics

When we left Darwin back in February, we sadly had to say good-bye to our beloved dog Angel. Although we all dearly wanted to bring her, it just wasn’t possible for a multitude of reasons. Anyway ever since the kids (ok me), have been wanting a new fur baby to bring home, and it’s just… 

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Bidding Farewell to Rainbow School #IBOT

When Taylah was a little girl she had an imaginary friend named Josh. He wasn’t around a lot, but would pop up occasionally, usually in very random places, such as the Adelaide airport. When BJ was little, he had an imaginary friend called Melman. I was quite fond of Melman. He had a complicated back… 

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Writing about Writing

Self doubt is a funny thing. Sometimes it creeps up on you, and lets you fight it back with gentle reasoning. Other times it creeps up and you don’t even notice it until it gives you a clock to the head and suddenly you’re sitting rocking in the corner wondering why you had ever been… 

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women open tab mind

Multi-Thinking and Mind-Ladders #IBOT

I had one thousand blog ideas to write today. (Ok that’s a slight exaggeration). And then I spent the weekend making an Olaf Piñata and I’m fairly certain that all my ideas disintegrated in much the same fashion as he did. Which is a very random metaphor, and really just a way of me going… 

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How NOT to Plan a Party

We are right in the throes of birthday season around here. Taylah’s was a few weeks ago, and in a few day’s time we will celebrate Miss Bridie’s, with BJ’s a couple of weeks after that. Ava then rounds out the season at the end of next month. Anyway, I’ve been madly searching online for… 

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how to be a fashion blogger

How To Be a Fashion Blogger

Let’s be honest. There are some things in life, that no matter how hard we try, we are never going to achieve. I, sadly, will never win The Voice. I’ll never be an extra on Grey’s Anatomy. (Though I can still dream.) And I’ll never be a professional netball player. Somethings just don’t happen. On… 

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I’m Late, I’m Late, to An Un-important Date

I like to think I am a fairly tolerant person. Whether I am or not, is probably better described by my husband and children, but I do try. There are, however, a few things that really make me cranky at the drop of a hat. Things like blankets lying on floors (drives me nuts),  butter… 

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SoapBox From the Heart #IBOT

On Sunday I spent a good portion of the afternoon, looking over handwritten notes in an attempt to be able to use them in possible book form. Or in other words I spent a good portion of the afternoon beating myself over the head with a metaphorical hammer, and wondering why on earth I ever… 

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Pretty much how I saw her.
Except female.

BumpyLand. A Store with Heart

This is a Sponsored Post. A few years ago we had  a lovely couple who were visiting our church, around for a meal. I remember it because they were parenting gurus, and I was super stressed that our kids would do terrible things and a Super Nanny kind of intervention might occur. Thankfully though, the… 

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I'm pretty sure they put this sign there just for me...

Facing the Fear. Learning to Run Again.

This  is a product review. Fear is a funny thing. You never really understand it until you have it. Which, I suppose is true for a great many things. Having the fear does make you so much more compassionate for others, but it also really sucks. The first time I tore the ligaments in my… 

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camp fire

The Do You Like Camping Quiz #IBOT

We have just come back from a weekend of camping fun, which has been the first time we have got the camper trailer out since I wrote this 18 months ago. Boatman had initially said ‘no camping till summer’ but apparently he couldn’t wait, so the first weekend of winter we found ourselves alternating between… 

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So Long Young, Good-Looking Friends… #IBOT

Did you know that it’s been almost three years since #IBOT was born? Next month this little linky becomes an older toddler, almost ready for Kindy. If linky’s actually went to Kindy that is. On that very first Tuesday, 12 people linked up to #IBOT and I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe it. I… 

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