Not monkey bars, but how funny is this pic?

Of Fractured Elbow’s and Finding the Good

On Wednesday night I mentioned to Boatman that I needed to organise some one on one time with Bridie, because I hadn’t done it for a while. and really felt like she needed it. And then on Thursday afternoon, she fell off the monkey bars and fractured her elbow, and we got my wish: two… 

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we can't change what we refuse to confront

There’s Always Room for Tea and Cakes #IBOT

I think that as a person I have the tendency to over analyse things a bit. Not so much in the sense of every time my kids get sick I feel the need to track down patient zero, and I haven’t yet felt the urge to write a chart to work out which food gives them such stinky… 

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essentiallyjess i your inbox

How to BookMark Blogs on an iPhone

The other day, in the middle of  a Facebook induced ‘woe is me moment’ (they happen more than I care to admit), I decided for about 15 seconds that I wasn’t going to blog any more. For that entire quarter of a minute it was all too hard to be bothered with. Writing stuff you… 

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Here Comes the Floor Pie #IBOT

I spent a great portion of Monday afternoon moping. The kind of moping that results in eating doughnuts and not even caring if your bum gets bigger (I do care today.) On Sunday/Monday depending on how the time thing works, my friend Garry was off getting married to the lovely Kim, in New Jersey of… 

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photo 1

The Not-Quite-Princess Part 3

Part One here. Part Two here. The not-quite-princess backed away slowly into the centre of the room. The words were everywhere; above, below, all around, and most unsettling, in her heart. How could she possibly escape them? How could she ever be free? If she were a real princess, held captive by a villain in… 

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Not quite princess

The Not-Quite-Princess Part 2

Read Part One Here She wasn’t a special princess; there was nothing in her looks or her demeanour that made her noticeable. There was nothing worth capturing about her. No obvious gift that could be capitalised on. No talent worth stealing. She was, in fact, the very example of ordinary. Completely average. Almost useless really. Certainly… 

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Princess and the castle

The Not-Quite-Princess Part One #IBOT

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived a very average looking girl, who wasn’t quite a princess. Well she was a princess, in so far as all girls are, of course, princesses, but from royal stock she did not hail. For the most part, she was quite happy about… 

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Superficial Blessedness and Other Things

I keep writing the same post and then not publishing it. Every time I write it, it just doesn’t feel right, and so I put something else up instead. Something light and fluffy, because light and fluffy is easy and fun and no one judges you for it. Not that I’ve written what I think… 

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greys anatomy

A Country Practice #IBOT

It’s been a little while since any of my children felt the urge to throw them self upon an object with the intent of going to hospital. A fact for which I am quite grateful. Yesterday, however, Taylah decided it had been far too long between doctors visits, and concluded that propelling herself off her… 

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Interview With A Husband

I wrote this post last week, and then before I could add pics, my computer died. So I waited for it to be fixed, but seeing as it’s still several weeks away, and all the people are playing along, I decided to publish anyway. Thank God for good iPhone apps to make pics look pretty…. 

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Let’s Talk About Encounters of the Personal Kind, Baby #IBOT

Warning: this post contains all kind of gender stereotypes. I’m sure everyone’s different, but for the purposes of this post, let’s just go with it. If, like me, you’re the sort of person who spends an inordinate amount of time on FB, you might have noticed an article doing the rounds, of a particular gentlemen… 

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What they all look like. (Not really, but in my head.)

‘Cause That’s What Writers Do #IBOT

Just over five years ago, I decided to start writing again. And when I say again, I mean, actually write for the first time,  something that wasn’t an essay for school. Although to be fair, I did have some fun doing that… Anyway, had I been a technologically switched on person, I most likely would… 

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Of Puppies and Ethics

When we left Darwin back in February, we sadly had to say good-bye to our beloved dog Angel. Although we all dearly wanted to bring her, it just wasn’t possible for a multitude of reasons. Anyway ever since the kids (ok me), have been wanting a new fur baby to bring home, and it’s just… 

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Bidding Farewell to Rainbow School #IBOT

When Taylah was a little girl she had an imaginary friend named Josh. He wasn’t around a lot, but would pop up occasionally, usually in very random places, such as the Adelaide airport. When BJ was little, he had an imaginary friend called Melman. I was quite fond of Melman. He had a complicated back… 

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Writing about Writing

Self doubt is a funny thing. Sometimes it creeps up on you, and lets you fight it back with gentle reasoning. Other times it creeps up and you don’t even notice it until it gives you a clock to the head and suddenly you’re sitting rocking in the corner wondering why you had ever been… 

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